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Bitcoin Is Back



지난 5월, 1년 만에 비트코인이 1000만원을 돌파했다. 비트코인은 올해 초만 해도 400만원 아래에서 거래되었지만 2월 초 400만원을 회복했고 최근 들어 오름세가 가팔라졌다. 블룸버그는 미국 자산운영사인 피델리티가 기관투자자들을 위한 비트코인 거래 서비스를 선보일 것이라 보도했다. 또 동남아를 중심으로 암호화폐 거래를 제도화하면서 투자자들의 기반도 넓어졌다고 보고 있다. 해외 유명 기업들이 암호화폐 분야에 투자한다는 소식 등이 전해지면서 암호화폐가 디지털 자산으로써의 가치를 인정받기 시작했다는 기대감이 가격 상승을 이끄는 것으로 보고 있다.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin took the world by storm in 2017, peaking at just under $20,000. However, its crash was so devastating that in November 2018, it broke the floor and went lower than the $6,000 limit. Many experts predicted the demise and thought it would never get back up. And now, Bitcoin is back, and it seems like it is going to stay.

While still far from its former glory, Bitcoin prices notably surged nearly 60% to about $8000 from $4000 to $5000. Experts say that the comeback signal Bitcoin’s future as an excellent investment opportunity. Despite its volatility and controversial history, the currency’s resurgence turned it into, “an investment treated as a safer bet when markets are tumultuous,” the same as bonds or gold. Somehow, people are starting to turn to Bitcoin when they momentarily lose confidence in the government or the banking system. Investors now believe that Bitcoin is now becoming a legitimate investment, especially for people who are looking to limit the risk of currency and interest rate fluctuations.

Moreover, Bitcoin and other currencies are going mainstream. Some popular investing apps are now offering investors the ability to buy several cryptocurrencies. More prominent financial service companies are also launching crypto investing options for larger clients and are looking into the use of Bitcoin and blockchain. Earlier this year, one of the most significant banking institutions JPMorgan Chase announced a new digital coin and planned to partner with Microsoft to expand on blockchain platforms. Because of a boost in cryptocurrencies’ mass-market appeal, people are starting to buy real stuff with bitcoin.

Bitcoin is undeniably back this year, and many analysts predict that the cryptocurrency will continue climbing its way upwards over the coming months and possibly surpass its previous high. We just have to invest more trust in Bitcoin and hope that history will not repeat itself.