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The New Retro



새로운 것을 즐기고 좋아하는 요즘 세대들에게 ‘뉴트로’가 유행이다. 새로움을 뜻하는 ‘new’와 복고를 뜻하는 ‘retro’가 만나 ‘new-tro’가 되었다. 이는 아날로그 감성이 주는 따듯함이나 안정감을 찾는 3040세대들만의 이야기가 아니다. 밀레니얼 세대들도 뉴트로가 주는 독특하고 특별한 느낌에 반응하고 있다. 촌스러운 꽃이 그려진 양철상, 할머니집에나 있을 법한 자개장, 엄마가 젊은 시절 입던 느낌의 큼직한 체크무늬 재킷까지… 기성세대에게는 추억과 향수를, 젊은 세대에게는 사진으로 찍어 SNS에 올리고 싶은 독특함과 신선한 감각으로 다가온다. 이런 유행이 계속되자, 오래된 한옥 동네와 낡은 골목들이 ‘핫플레이스’로 다시 태어나고 있다.

In a country as technologically advanced as South Korea, it can be acceptable to assume that every corner of it is wired and thoroughly contemporary. But you are in for a surprise—a throwback-themed surprise.

“New-Tro,” a combination of the words new and retro, enhanced with a youthful touch is going to be all the rage this year. Over the past few years, this retro wave has swept over not only Korea but also the majority of the world. Cafes and restaurants began adopting old designs and centerpieces from decades ago, including vintage wallpapers and jukeboxes. Many people take advantage of this experience as some sort of detoxification. It’s one way of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and relishing a good cup of coffee retro style.

Over the past few years, fashion trends also brought some styles back from years back. Last year was a comeback for plaid patterns, oversized coats, and the lush velvets in ultraviolet. This year, the spotlight is on puffer coats with fluffy fabrics, duffel coats, and, yes, more plaids. The trend is likely to spread as celebrities sport these retro-with-a-modern-twist clothes everywhere they go.

Some people might think that this New-Tro craze is nothing but a fleeting trend. The truth is, this craze is leading growth in the “reform” market, where people personalize their clothes or bags to fit their style. Online shopping malls like Gmarket reported an increase in sales of materials for women’s clothing modifications. Consequently, the sales of sewing machines also increased by almost 40% during his period. You can actually purchase an inexpensive pouch from a luxury brand then transform it into a shoulder bag using an inexpensive strap from the internet. Or, buy a plain shirt and embroider a pattern of your choice on it, topped with matching modified accessories. New-Tro helps the market thrive and makes people more creative and resourceful with their belongings.

The return of the retro with styles polished to suit contemporary tastes, is set to win over fans from all age groups—which is favorable for brands. They can target the same market as well as welcome a new one, and promote their brand more through its heritage.

South Korea is a country that keeps moving forward—innovating and improving—but also continuously learning from their past and picking up the best bits. New-Tro is a prime example of how they reinvent themselves—a beautiful concoction of the old and the new.