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Crash Test AIs



지난달 말, 테슬라의 스포츠유틸리티차량(SUV)인 모델 X가 실리콘밸리 구간에서 도로 분리대를 들이받고 다른 차량과의 연쇄 충돌로 인해 운전자가 사망한 사고가 발생했다. 조사 결과, 당시 모델 X의 사고는 자율주행 모드에서 발생했다고 한다. 하지만 테슬라는 사고 직전 6초간 핸들을 잡으라는 경고에도 불구하고 애플의 엔지니어로 알려진 사고 차량 운전자는 아무런 조치를 하지 않았다고 설명했다. 덧붙여 “자율주행 시스템이 모든 사고를 막지는 못한다”고 인정하면서도 “테슬라의 자율주행 장치는 사고 위험을 3.7배 이상 낮출 수 있다”고 강조했다. 우버의 자율주행 차량의 사고에 연이어 발생한 이번 테슬라 모델X 사고는 자율주행 기술에 대한 우려를 낳고 있는데, 오늘은 이와 관련된 기사를 읽고 여러분의 생각을 자유롭게 말해보자.

In late March of this year, a fatal car crash involving a Tesla-made self-driving car has put the public and the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on alert about autopilot self-steering systems. Walter Huang, a 38-year-old Apple engineer, was riding in a Tesla car along California’s Route 101 when it suddenly veered off the road and rammed into a barrier.

According to the electric car manufacturer, it appears that Huang had not kept his hands on the steering wheel in the six seconds before the crash, despite the “hands on wheel” warning that the car gave. Moreover, Tesla stated that the barrier had been damaged in a previous accident, making it less effective in cushioning the crash.

Unfortunately, while Tesla volunteered this information to help further the investigation, the NTSB stated it was displeased by the car company’s unauthorized announcement regarding the details of the crash. The safety board has procedures that transportation companies follow. These rules include when information can be disclosed to the public.

While the board launches another investigation into the self-driving cars (it started one after another Tesla crash last year), let’s look at what we do know about this incident and how it happened.

According to ABC News, Huang had previously complained to Tesla about the electronic components in his car. More specifically, he had claimed that the vehicle would sometimes swerve toward the median. Tesla, in its defense, countered that Huang had only been complaining about the navigation system and not the autopilot function.

More information is needed to determine the exact cause of this accident, but it’s clear that we must wonder whether autopiloting is ready for release to the general public. The crash involving Huang comes on the heels of a few other accidents involving autopiloted vehicles. In 2016, a Tesla Model S hit a lorry, and more recently, an Uber self-drive vehicle killed a woman in Arizona. It’s also come to light that Tesla had changed its autopilot controls on its Model 3 cars. Previously, drivers could turn the autopilot function on and off by using a touchscreen, which could lead to drivers being momentarily distracted from the road. Now, drivers can switch off autopilot through buttons on the steering wheel.